Borsalino celebrates Valentine’s Day with a limited edition 30-piece One Love capsule that features a luxurious Superior Quality felt hat created in collaboration with designer Marcelino Chapeaux and personalized by illustrator Maolita.   In honor of this symbolic day for love, each Borsalino One Love QS felt medium brim in jorasse winter cream has a tone-on-tone grosgrain hatband, internal red Moroccan and is decorated with Manolita’s original hand painted lipstick kiss designs. The men’s models also sport a flamed taut edge border.  Reflecting a bespoke attitude with art as inspiration, each hat additionally comes with its own dedicated hatbox.  

Symbol of the Maison’s iconic Made in Alessandria Italy elegance and craftsmanship, each piece is exclusively personalized by Marcelino Chapeaux, a Swiss designer with Peruvian origins specialized in the customization of traditional Vaquero Peruvian hats and whose signature star-stitch detail in homage to his mother adorns the top of each hat’s dome.     

Launching February 1st, 2022, the Borsalino One Love capsule by Marcelino Chapeaux and Manolita is exclusively available on

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