At the origin of things

In Ecuador, in the province of Manabì, there is a small town with a great reputation. It stands on the slopes of a hill, not far from the coasts overlooking the Pacific Ocean: here, for more than 3 centuries, a fine, elastic and shiny straw has been woven from the fibers of a native palm. The name of this city, universally recognized as the cradle of the finest Panama hats, is  Montecristi


Weaving Artists

The Montecristi Tejedor are true artists in manually weaving straw fibers. They choose to work at night and during the early morning hours at dawn when the temperatures are cool, and the humidity level is high because these conditions allow the straw fibers to respond better to the stress of manual handling. The result is an exceptionally fine light and elastic weave with the delicacy of silk. This lightness in the weave is the secret to creating a Panama Montecristi with its finest woven fibers exceeding 3,000 knots per square inch. Requiring skill, precision and time, to weave one single hat can take up to 6 months of work.

A Ten Thousand Kilometer Journey

After rigorous quality control in Ecuador, the woven products are then sent on to Italy. From there, they are taken over by skilled artisans from the Borsalino manufacturer in Alessandria who finalize the fundamental processing phases that include first and second shaping, trimming, dressing and finishing. This unique encounter between two schools of excellence, the Ecuadorian art of weaving and the Italian Alessandria craftsmanship, gives life to the renowned Borsalino Panama Montecristi.

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