Borsalino’s New Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign
celebrating the magical energy of dance through fashion film

With an energy that never stops, it is energy that transforms”
- Giacomo Santucci, Creative Curator
Borsalino proudly unveils the global preview of its newest Spring/Summer 2021 campaign in an innovative fashion film under the artistic director of the Maison’s Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci. Shot by renowned photographer Joseph Cardo and for the first time in the heart of historic Alessandria Manufacture, this moving fashion film entitled Rethinking Energy pioneers an innovative storytelling frontier. The short captures the brand’s artisan craftsmanship through a dynamic and unedited choreography featuring nine professional dancers who beautifully interpret the expressive energy of Borsalino for S/S 2021 that was heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts design movement.


The collection, inspired by a refined and intellectual dialogue between the graphic designs of Aubrey Beardsley and Optical Art from Bridget Louise Riley,  honors the brand’s  new concept of beauty through dance, the universal language of movement and energy that transcends grace like no other celebrated art form. Highlighting the unique pairing of world class savoir faire DNA with contemporary aesthetics, Rethinking Energy reflects a modern relaunch strategy to accompany the Maison into the future while celebrating more than 160 years of elegance and style.

Giacomo Santucci, Creative Curator of Borsalino reveals: “As an art form, dance perfectly represents the ethereal connection between mind, body and soul. Rich in creative fantasy, it’s a mirrored reflection of our lives, able to beautifully communicate a global language of joy, union, harmony, freedom, dreams and hope. But above all, dance is born from the passion of daily life that expresses the most heartfelt emotion. I wanted to celebrate how this special energy is naturally linked to movement, whether it's directed towards what we put into work or into our private lives. Now more than ever, art and culture need to transmit and celebrate new creative forms of energy.

Photographer Joseph Cardo added, “During our filming, the Borsalino Manufacture was transformed into a dancefloor that captured an incredible flow of energy through the artistic movements of the dancers. Shot against this unique industrial backdrop where the brand’s iconic hats are produced, the result was a magical and true visual expression of creativity.

This  campaign stars dancers are Anaïs Maurer, Douglas Zambrano, Chiara Giulia Nenna, Cecilia Pacillo, Lorenzo Cavallero, Giulio Galimberti, Eleonora Lupo, Michela Mazzoni and Mirand Pulaj.
Photo credit:  Helmut Berta

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