Borsalino previews its S/S 2020 collection, designed under the artistic direction of Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci, with a playful and sophisticated pop-style campaign, shot by photographer Joseph Cardo. Translating the company’s DNA into contemporary aesthetics, the colorful selection of images reflects the continuation of the Brand’s relaunch, featuring the unrivalled value of a Borsalino hat as a modern cultural symbol, communication code, sign of belonging and an expression of personal style.

Inspiration “ for this new concept of Borsalino beauty was taken from a special period in the brand's history, the second half of the nineteenth century, when the Arts and Crafts movement was thriving and the art of design was born,” said Giacomo Santucci. “The styles of that period, reinterpreted as a contemporary key in the S/S 2020 collection, interact with the world through the painting that I have added to the pictures. It is an ironic, pop-style approach to pictorial photography based on a belief in contagious beauty. The aim is to inspire with the desire to play with Borsalino hats, the courage to dare, the freedom of personal expression and to transform, while remaining true to oneself. “

“For the Borsalino S/S 2020 campaign I used this double exposure technique," said Joseph Cardo. “I photographed male and female models against backgrounds, but then took the pictures again once Giacomo Santucci had added his paintings to the imagery. By using a special technique, I added three-dimensionality to the images to emphasize the Borsalino Arts and Crafts approach.”

Featuring models Vika Evseeva, May Tager, Afrodita Dorado, Gia Tang, Jerry Koivisto and Ward Strodman, the selection of campaign images preview in the windows of Borsalino boutiques and on the brand’s social media accounts.

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