FALL-WINTER 2021/2022

" Too often choosing an important accessory such as a hat comes in as a last step in building a look.”


   Borsalino partners for the first time with the prestigious Institute Marangoni Milano for an innovative styling project that places the hat as the first step in creating individual style. The Maison tasked 14 of the school’s Fashion Styling students to draw inspiration directly from the Borsalino Fall-Winter 2021-22 collection to create individual outfits reflective of their personalities. Under the mentorship and artistic direction of Borsalino’s Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci, this expressive exercise was then transformed as the focus for a new season campaign shot by renowned fashion photographer Joseph Cardo with the students in their dual roles both as stylists and models in the streets of Milan.


Free to play with the Borsalino hats without stylistic constraints, the young students enhance the collection through their interpretive sensitivity and creative lens, celebrating individuality and an inner connection. Under the leading premise that diversity promotes innovation and cultural growth, this important DNA element for Borsalino is the basis for the brand’s  corporate relaunch strategy that aims to accompany the Brand’s historic 160 year plus reign of iconic elegance and style into the future.
“This enriched idea of Beauty for Borsalino highlights the joy of living, diversity and boundless possibilities of personal expression. Now hats are  far from just being designed with the sole purpose of protecting and covering our heads, but rather an ambitious and daring mechanism towards self-discovery. Freely interpreting the Borsalino Fall collection, each of the students from the Istituto Marangoni Milano showed their own idea of beauty through a sample of individual talent. Borsalino celebrates the best of each individual and supports diversity in all of its forms.” said Giacomo Santucci, Creative Curator  of Borsalino.

“This project with Borsalino allowed our students to take their first professional industry steps with Borsalino, a well-known reality on the international scene and more than 160 years as a historic symbol of Italian excellence. The aspiring stylists, supported by the artistic vision of Giacomo Santucci, Creative Curator for Borsalino, and Michela Guasco, Program Leader for the Fashion Styling department at Istituto Marangoni Milano, were given the opportunity to enrich both professionally and personally. Thanks to this experience,  each student was placed at the forefront to research, experiment and create different styles by revisiting the brand’s heritage in an interpreted and contemporary way. Borsalino offered the students the possibility to get to the heart of styling,  campaign creativity and dynamics, preparing them in a concrete and pragmatic way for their future career endeavors.” commented Diana Marian Murek, Education Director of the Istituto Marangoni Milano.     

“We approached this project with Borsalino in an unconventional way. Normally, we don’t ask Fashion Styling students to create a look that is exclusively and specifically connected to their own style. But in this case, their brief was to develop an outfit that highlighted their personality with the selected hat they choose to wear as the starting point.” said Michela Guasco, Fashion Styling Program Leaderof Istituto Marangoni Milano.

Photographer Joseph Cardo added,
“The end goal was to enhance each student’s diversity. It was a new experience that I embraced that wasn't my usual way of working. I encouraged the students to guide me through the shooting because each individual possesses a unique  real essence of normality that is special and unrepeatable.”

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