Discover Borsalino X 1000 Miglia, a special collection of hats and caps created especially for the legendary vintage car race. 1000 Miglia, one of Italy’s most prestigious calendar appointments loved by all, celebrates its 2022 fortieth edition June 15th through June 18th with a showcase of more than 400 competing vintage cars along its classic Brescia-Rome-Brescia Italian route. As a debut Official Partner for the next three years, Borsalino hats elegantly accompany every moment of this beautiful race with characteristic design, appreciation and charm. To celebrate, Borsalino has dedicated a special 1000 Miglia collection as a homage to redefining Italian excellence and a reflection of Maison's 165 years of hat making, stylistic innovation and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.The dreamy encounter par excellence between the two Brands shares a vision and dialogue about iconic Italian creativity and modernity expressed through history, tradition and style

This magical meeting takes on the form of two specific styles starting with a Panama Quito medium brim that features a personalized Borsalino X 1000 Miglia hatband and collectible hatbox. For street-style lovers, the eclectic baseball cap with contrasting profiles sports an embossed embroidered patch, adjustable straps and is packaged within its very own personalized backpack. To celebrate 1000 Miglia 2022, Borsalino has organized numerous activities for race car drivers, enthusiasts, fans and special guests.


Dedicated to vintage car enthusiasts and fans, the Borsalino X 1000 Miglia collection is available on www.borsalino.com and in selected Borsalino boutiques, as well as showcasing during the entire race period at the Borsalino pop-up sales point in the 1000 Miglia Village Piazza della Vittoria Brescia. And that’s not all! Borsalino has decided to follow the race with its very own dedicated Talent car that alternates boarded special guests from the world of entertainment, music, film and content creation starring: actor Francesco Montanari; music artists Giovanni Caccamo & Leo Gassman; and influencer couple Beatrice Valli & Marco Fantini. Don’t miss the Borsalino X 1000 Miglia Follow for all the latest news and special coverage on our Borsalino social channels!

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