Discover the new Borsalino Spring-Summer campaign that celebrates the spirit of the collection dedicated to two of Earth’s most natural originating elements of Air and Water.  Shot by photographer Joseph Cardo, with the artistic direction of Brand Curator Giacomo Santucci, the campaign images were captured against the marble quarries of Carrara and the Panama Beach Versilia by Borsalino in Marina di Pietrasanta.  


“The physical and inner journey of Borsalino to discover beauty continues,” declares Brand Curator Giacomo Santucci, “This new campaign creates a way for the Spring-Summer 2023 collection hats to dialogue with the landscapes of the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian coast: allowing nature and the collection to interact and render a surreal and unexpected effect.”

“The campaign is a unique tribute to the beauty of nature and the creativity of the Borsalino collection.” declares photographer Joseph Cardo, “Light played a fundamental role in both contexts, especially when set against the Carrara quarry, where the reflection of the white marble created an unexpected play on shadowed black and white and elegant chromatism.” 

The campaign, which will preview for the new season in all Borsalino boutiques and across the brand’s social platforms, stars protagonist models: Giulia Noemi Crognale, Heeyeon Kim, Emmanuel Leonardi and Tommaso Scrivani.  The imagery was captured in the locations of the Bettogli n.67 marble quarries of the La Civiltà del Marmo group and the Panama Beach Versilia by Borsalino, the luxurious Marina di Pietrasanta destination recently inaugurated in 2022 thanks to the collaboration between the Made in Alessandria Maison and entrepreneur Gualtiero Vanelli.

2A481D08-A177-457F-AE32-DC22CC10196ECreated with sketchtool.