Innovation that starts with the finest raw materials  

Discover the Borsalino 50 Grams Collection featuring the Maison’s finest and lightest felt ever made. Years of research & creative experimentation produced in the Italian Alessandria based headquarters have led to the development of this cutting-edge and innovative fiber, which combines the classic characteristics of felt with extraordinary lightness.


From founder Giuseppe Borsalino’s small workshop started in 1857 to the Brand’s Made in Italy manufacture of today, the creation of a felt hat continues to be exclusively handcrafted thanks to gifted artisans involved in every step of the way. To produce a Borsalino hat requires time, talent, emotion, love for a traditional artform and the highest quality, select raw materials. From simple beginnings, there is a creative end. Behind every technical feat, there is a studied apprenticeship. Behind every detail, there is human touch with love for a job well done.


Versatile and warm, yet at the same time light and comfortable, the Borsalino 50 Grams Collection sports an iconic medium-brim fedora shape.  Defining a new frontier of excellence and ideal for facing any weather conditions in style, discover more about these special pieces in the most desirable Autumn 2021 color palettes.

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