You can leave your hat on

I've always been a hat lover: for me hats are a symbol of elegance, like objects that complete an outifit or a situation, but most of all as a personal and magical ideas container. That's why I opened a blog where I share this passion combined with design and fashion. I'm a product designer and for me the objects, those having a story to tell, are an inspiration source, above all when they are created with heart, passion and tradition. Thanks to a Borsalino hat, you can put all this on your head (in all senses).

A Borsalino comes out of a high quality production, followed by 14 different steps. Since 1857, the Borsalino family has made a style icon out of its hat: both in the film industry and for the daily outfits of millions of people all around the world.

So, while you're wearing one of them you exactly know that you're taking out a whole Italian piece of history. And if someone, with 9 weeks ½ soundrack, tells you "You can leave your hat on" maybe you should, because life is better with a hat on. Better if it's a Borsalino.


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