The hat, an eternal symbol

The history of the hat is almost as old as man: covering one's head is an age-old custom which, over time, has taken on multiple meanings.

In antiquity, even in the Neolithic period, the head was considered sacred as it was deemed to be the seat of life itself and the soul. For this reason, covering one's head and protecting it was of fundamental importance, so as to make it visible and attract the attention of the gods.

In the ancient Roman tradition, for example, those making sacrifices and carrying out religious rituals had to adhere to the rule of "velato capite", that is, keeping their heads covered, and priests wore the "infula", a white or red woollen veil which later became the Bishop's mitre. Even though the hat became commonly used, the wide-brimmed hat called the Pasatos, made of felt or leather, was still linked symbolically to the god Hermes and was worn by rich Romans when travelling.


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