The British, crazy about hats!

In Britain any excuse will do to wear a hat... even better if it's original and eccentric! As we know, the British have always been masters in the art of knowing how to wear a hat and over the centuries both men and women (especially the aristocracy and the upper middle class) have flaunted all kinds of headgear in the most original shapes and a myriad colours.

And yet their boundless imagination never fails, and lo and behold on every formal and elegant occasion, from society events to the real world - not to mention weddings of course - scores of hats and caps in the wildest shapes throng together perfectly matching the clothes for the occasion. We like to think that every Brit has at least one hat in the closet ... but then can you imagine how many Queen Elizabeth must have? Come with us and we'll try to find out together!

(In the photos, celebrities wearing typical hats and caps during ceremonies and official occasions)


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