Summer and Borsalino!

"Summer is not summer without a Borsalino" and with the heat rising this season, a fresh and lightweight hat is now indispensable for the hottest hours of the day or to make sunbathing more comfortable on the beach or by the pool.

The Borsalino Summer 2012 Collection offers a series of straw hats classic styles, in vibrant, easy-to-wear colours to match any look. Some of the most influential Italian and international bloggers have chosen their Borsalino hats and continue to offer us ideas with their impeccable outfits.

If you are keen to discover how our bloggers across Europe have chosen to wear and personalize their hats, follow Veronica Ferraro, Adeline Rapon, Erika Boldrin, Victoria Jin, Anna Frost and Alessia Canella and fall in love with the enchanting world of the Maison of the most famous hats in the world.


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