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Borsalino Fashion Seduction

I am Frida from the blog "Fashion Seduction". During Milan Fashion Week I was invited to Borsalino's showroom, which was a great pleasure! Being in the showroom was like traveling back in time. I didn't realize that Borsalino's first design of the original felt hat dates all the way back ... READ MORE

Bowler and Trilby in September

Our advice for the perfect hat to get the look for September? A Bowler or classic Trilby in light colours and you will certainly hit the mark! The brightly-coloured hats of the hotter months make way for softer shades that match a look for the last of ... READ MORE

Unconventional Marina!

Always exciting, we are now used to her eccentricities but Marina Ripa di Meana continues to steal the show and surprise us. And it is not only her words that are striking, so are her very individual outfits: we saw her appear at the most prestigious events wearing ... READ MORE

Summer and Borsalino!

"Summer is not summer without a Borsalino" and with the heat rising this season, a fresh and lightweight hat is now indispensable for the hottest hours of the day or to make sunbathing more comfortable on the beach or by the pool. The Borsalino Summer 2012 Collection offers ... READ MORE

Fashion Bloggers and Borsalino

Who better than a fashion blogger to advise on how to add a special touch to your look to make it unique and enviable? This section gives you lots of ideas and tips from bloggers who choose a Borsalino hat: you will discover how to match various styles of hat ... READ MORE

Hats and celebrities at the Coachella 2012

Lately, the Coachella Festival sparked a lot of talk around the world: as well as a breath-taking location in the heart of Indio, California with a line up including the coolest bands around, spotlights are also trained on the celebrities taking part who are at the centre of their fans' ... READ MORE
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Summer hats

⁞Although this year the weather isn't matching with the calendar, summer is coming and, soon, we will take our favorite straw hat from the wardrobe and use it for trips ... READ MORE

The story of a magic hat

⁞Who hasn't seen at least one magic show with a top hat trick? This hat has become the mainstay of conjuring tricks to entertain children and adults that make rabbits ... READ MORE

Borsalino and Mille Miglia

A1600 km journey among Italian history, art, nature and culture: Mille Miglia 2013. The famous race hosted 420 teams from 30 countries and 5 continents, driving beautiful cars of inestimable ... READ MORE

Audrey: lightness under a large hat

⁞The simplicity of a little black dress compensated by a very large hat, subtle femininity and an imperfect beauty that is admired all over the world: these and many more ... READ MORE

Music in the top hat

What do the former guitarist of Guns N 'Roses Slash and the great composer Giuseppe Verdi have in common ? Music, of course, even if we are talking about completely ... READ MORE