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Behind the scenes of the Borsalino hat

"For a hundred years the secret has been the brain of our technicians, the hands of our workers." One hundred years after the birth of the Borsalino company, these are the opening words of one of the publications about the maison telling the story of its first 100 ... READ MORE

Stories about hats... in art

Top hats, bowler hats, straw hats and fedoras: the hats that we find in art works, above all those in modern and contemporary art, belong to every type and often - as we now know - they have a significance that goes beyond that of mere accessory. If ... READ MORE

The hat, an eternal symbol

The history of the hat is almost as old as man: covering one's head is an age-old custom which, over time, has taken on multiple meanings. In antiquity, even in the Neolithic period, the head was considered sacred as it was deemed to be the seat of life ... READ MORE

Hats vs. Wigs

During the Baroque period, the "musketeer's hat", decorated with plumes and feathers, became a fashion "must" for gentlemen: for followers of fashion, a round cape, a pointed moustache and this sumptuous hat were absolutely indispensable. However, wigs started to reappear on the scene in the 17th Century which had ... READ MORE

The advent of felt

What can be considered as a hat par excellence and has survived through the ages up to today is the headwear recognised by everyone as the "felt". Worn at the turn of the 15th Century, it takes its name from the materials used to make it: this textile, deriving from ... READ MORE

Medieval ancestors

The hat's ancestry goes back to medieval times. The word "cappellus" was a diminutive of "cappa" or hood, even if it initially referred only to the hood tied under the chin which continued to be used until the end of the 15th Century. Made of velvet, felt or straw, the ... READ MORE
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Styling tips... always with hat!

⁞The weather is getting hotter and hotter? want to know one of the hottest trends for spring 2013? Definitely denim on denim. This outfit is perfect if interpreted on a ... READ MORE

A Borsalino hat for every taste

When I was a child, when I knew my grandpa couldn't see me, I used to climb up a chair to take one of his Sunday hats, one of his ... READ MORE

Borsalino and Mille Miglia

A1600 km journey among Italian history, art, nature and culture: Mille Miglia 2013. The famous race hosted 420 teams from 30 countries and 5 continents, driving beautiful cars of inestimable ... READ MORE

Audrey: lightness under a large hat

⁞The simplicity of a little black dress compensated by a very large hat, subtle femininity and an imperfect beauty that is admired all over the world: these and many more ... READ MORE

Music in the top hat

What do the former guitarist of Guns N 'Roses Slash and the great composer Giuseppe Verdi have in common ? Music, of course, even if we are talking about completely ... READ MORE