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Summer hats

⁞Although this year the weather isn't matching with the calendar, summer is coming and, soon, we will take our favorite straw hat from the wardrobe and use it for trips to the beach, during walks and picnics. Pretty straw hats with narrow brim or with a straight and flat dome ... READ MORE

The story of a magic hat

⁞Who hasn't seen at least one magic show with a top hat trick? This hat has become the mainstay of conjuring tricks to entertain children and adults that make rabbits and various other objects disappear and reappear, as well as establishing itself as a key accessory for the model magician. ... READ MORE

The top hat, something special

Think of a stylish hat, indeed, the most elegant of all... and in all likelihood, the top hat will be the first to spring to mind! Whether in silk or felt, this headgear became highly fashionable at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a period when it was ... READ MORE

Sombrero: one name, many hats

There are still a lot of hats that are used despite being impractical, and other hats, of undisputed usefulness, that are now confined to fairly restricted customs and traditions. This is the case, for example, of the Mexican sombrero, the typical straw or felt hat with very wide brim that ... READ MORE

The British, crazy about hats!

In Britain any excuse will do to wear a hat... even better if it's original and eccentric! As we know, the British have always been masters in the art of knowing how to wear a hat and over the centuries both men and women (especially the aristocracy and the ... READ MORE

The classic hat which becomes "exotic"

Do you have a mental image of the typical clothes of Andean people? Great woollen capes and colourful fabrics enwrap them and on the women's long hair, often arranged in jet-black braids, lays a strange hat...that somehow has got nothing to do with the rest of the clothes. What is ... READ MORE
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Styling tips... always with hat!

⁞The weather is getting hotter and hotter? want to know one of the hottest trends for spring 2013? Definitely denim on denim. This outfit is perfect if interpreted on a ... READ MORE

A Borsalino hat for every taste

When I was a child, when I knew my grandpa couldn't see me, I used to climb up a chair to take one of his Sunday hats, one of his ... READ MORE

Borsalino and Mille Miglia

A1600 km journey among Italian history, art, nature and culture: Mille Miglia 2013. The famous race hosted 420 teams from 30 countries and 5 continents, driving beautiful cars of inestimable ... READ MORE

Audrey: lightness under a large hat

⁞The simplicity of a little black dress compensated by a very large hat, subtle femininity and an imperfect beauty that is admired all over the world: these and many more ... READ MORE

Music in the top hat

What do the former guitarist of Guns N 'Roses Slash and the great composer Giuseppe Verdi have in common ? Music, of course, even if we are talking about completely ... READ MORE