Magritte, Surrealism in the hat

"We never see but one side of things. It's precisely this other side that I'm trying to express." This sentence holds the whole world of the Belgian painter René Magritte, one of the leading exponents of Surrealism, who put at the centre of his "imaginary" works objects of daily use, ... READ MORE

Delon and Belmondo in "Borsalino"

A hat so famous that it becomes a character in a film? It can only be a Borsalino hat: Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo wear one in the 1970 film of the same name - with a follow-up film in 1974 called "BorsalinoCo" - in which they play the parts ... READ MORE

Humphrey, Ingrid and... Borsalino

A trench coat and a Borsalino are a must for the American Rick Blaine, the main character in "Casablanca" (1942). The unforgettable film that immortalized Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, imprinted in the hearts and minds of entire generations. This masterpiece, with its political ideals, hazy memories, the ... READ MORE

Blues Brothers, inseparable ... even from their hats

Remember the versatile actors Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as the two most famous brothers in the cinema and music world? The Blues Brothers made history, conquering stages all over the world with their blues and soul shows and their image was captured for ever in the 1990 Blues Brothers ... READ MORE

Marracash at the MTV Days 2012

The 28, 29 and 30 June were three fiery days for Turin which hosted the MTV Days 2012 in which, after the third consecutive year, more than 80,000 people took part. On Friday 29 and Saturday 30 June, fantastic live concerts were held in the Piazza Castello ... READ MORE

Diane Kruger at Roland Garros

The beautiful actress Diane Kruger was spotted at Roland Garros last week-end together with her equally good-looking boyfriend Joshua Jackson. This stylish couple stood out from the crowd: casual chic, carefree and in love, you can't help but want to be like them. The cherry on the cake ... READ MORE
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Styling tips... always with hat!

⁞The weather is getting hotter and hotter? want to know one of the hottest trends for spring 2013? Definitely denim on denim. This outfit is perfect if interpreted on a ... READ MORE

A Borsalino hat for every taste

When I was a child, when I knew my grandpa couldn't see me, I used to climb up a chair to take one of his Sunday hats, one of his ... READ MORE

Borsalino and Mille Miglia

A1600 km journey among Italian history, art, nature and culture: Mille Miglia 2013. The famous race hosted 420 teams from 30 countries and 5 continents, driving beautiful cars of inestimable ... READ MORE

Summer hats

⁞Although this year the weather isn't matching with the calendar, summer is coming and, soon, we will take our favorite straw hat from the wardrobe and use it for trips ... READ MORE

The story of a magic hat

⁞Who hasn't seen at least one magic show with a top hat trick? This hat has become the mainstay of conjuring tricks to entertain children and adults that make rabbits ... READ MORE