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The "Teresio" Montecristi Panama

"Teresio" is an entirely handmade hat of unmatched elegance, a pure marvel of lightness and snowy whiteness. Its incomparable value stems from the number of "turns", or twists that that the Artisan weaves: in fact, the more turns, the better the quality.
It takes at least 6 months to make only one of these hats. Following the tradition of the Panama, the hat is produced in Montecristi, the famous town in Ecuador, and is made only from Toquilla Palmera leaves, damped by the dew and harvested in the early hours of the morning.
The "Teresio" takes the shape of the classic felt hat with a central crease and 6.5 cm brim, an alligator band and 18-carat gold pin positioned on the two-tone black/brown moiré knot as well as the indelible House logo. Inside the hat, on the morocco leather band, the name "Teresio" is stamped in gold with the words "150th Anniversary 1865-2007 limited edition" as well as its own unique production number.
Like the "Giuseppe" model, this is a limited edition and only 150 have been made.

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Identity Card

Year of Creation: 2007
Place of Birth:Alexandria
Material:Extra Fine Panama
Colour:Ivory with black ribbon
Number of production stages:Around 50
Manufacturing time:Around 6 months
Identifying marks: Exclusive Limited
Edition of only 150 hats made
in honour of the heir Teresio,
son of founder of the Borsalino house on the 150th
anniversary of the label.