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Montecristi Furlable Hat

History of the Montecristi Hat

It takes 6 months to create a Montecristi - a pure marvel of lightness, softness and luminosity, an ivory jewel.

The "Rosetta" or "Rose" is created first, at the centre of the crown, with eight fibre threads forming a plait. Straw ribbons are added to increase the width of the inside rim and achieve the required dimension of the crown.

Then plait after plait is twisted until the brim is reached, called "the hat's wings" by the Ecuadorians.

The hat is delivered in its own silk-lined hat box with a personalized gold stamp bearing the Borsalino Archive logo.

Woman's collection

Autum Winter

Man's collection

Autum Winter

Identity Card

Year of Creation: 1998
Place of Birth:Equador
Material:Toquilla Straw
Number of production phases:About 30
Production time:6 months
Distinctive marks:Montecristi
panama hat made of furlable toquilla straw.