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150 years of the historic Maison Borsalino at the prestigious Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery in Milano

On the 25 June 2007, 150 years of the historic brand from Alexandria were celebrated at the Borsalino boutique in the centre of Milan, in the heart of the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. For this event, attended by representatives of the Maison as well as important city institutions, Borsalino added to the celebrations with the creation of 150 limited edition hats. During this prestigious event, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, the exclusive and precious Giuseppe and Teresio hats were launched: Two refined styles for hat enthusiasts. The Hon. Tiziana Maiolo, at that time councillor for Economic Development of the Municipality of Milan, acted as hostess for the evening and, with great conviction, underlined the importance and value of these historic Milan stores; they are a real cultural and social asset which must be kept alive as, for over a century, they have been working for the City and greatly enhanced to the country's economy.

The Limited Edition hats are in the Borsalino Brand's most classic seasonal styles: the Felt (Giuseppe) and the Montecristi Panama (Teresio). A description of these two masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship is given below.

Limited edition hats

Woman's collection

Autum Winter

Man's collection

Autum Winter