Borsalino Fashion Seduction

I am Frida from the blog "Fashion Seduction". During Milan Fashion Week I was invited to Borsalino's showroom, which was a great pleasure!

Being in the showroom was like traveling back in time. I didn't realize that Borsalino's first design of the original felt hat dates all the way back to 1857. Since then, the company has managed to stay relevant by successfully preserving and promoting its DNA. The first time I got in contact with Borsalino was in one of its Milan stores some years ago, where I was overwhelmed by beautiful hats in many beautiful colors.

I was amazed by the variety of hat shapes and materials in Borsalino's showroom. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection houses very unique pieces to very classic ones, always with a twist, be it the colour, the shape, the decoration or the material. A Borsalino could never look boring because each hat has its own character. I would say that a hat gives its owner an effortless elegance.

I couldn't hold back but trying on loads of them. I could have spent hours and hours admiring those hats! I cannot say which one was my favourite because they were all amazing and had their own personal touch! Which one do you think suits me best?


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