Borsalino and The Great Gatsby

There has already been a lot of talk about it and above all it has fuelled the expectations of those who, after the remake of 1974, are anxious to see the new one, where the genius of Australian director Baz Luhrmann takes on the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald that has been a cult for whole generations. We are of course speaking of the release of the movie The Great Gatsby, already delayed by over a year, which - according to the latest forecasts - we shall finally see in cinemas in 2013.

The protagonists of this new version, shot in Australia in 2011, are Leonardo DiCaprio - who will play Jay Gatsby, as Robert Redford did before him - Carey Mulligan, who has the heavy "responsibility" of doing honour to the charismatic Mia Farrow, and Tobey Maguire. In this film by the eccentric Luhrmann, as in the two previous versions, the hat is a protagonist on the head of DiCaprio and the other characters of the film, set in 1920s America, the era of Prohibition. Rich New Yorkers and Gangsters go from party to party, in their impeccable clothes and elegant hats, which frame their faces and often hide- as in the case of Jay Gatsby - an obscure and criminal past. And then there are affluent and charming women, the beautiful, mysterious and melancholic girls, first among them the beloved Daisy, who wear splendid cloche hats and sparkling Charleston small dresses .... smiling, amused, carefree and oblivious to the change that soon will sweep over their world.

Will the hats chosen for DiCaprio and company be by Borsalino? We will find out at the cinema!

(In the pictures, some of the 1974 and 2013 movies' scenes are represented) 


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